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14 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Living Room for Fall

14 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Living Room for Fall

I gravitate towards farmhouse decor when it comes to decorating for the fall. I think that there is something so magical about shacking up in a log cabin during the fall and winter. I wanted to bring the feeling of a cozy log cabin to my little home. These are a few decor options to get your living space themed up and ready for the fall season!

1. Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Plaid/Stripe Blanket

6. Silo Crocks from Farmhouse Pottery

Grab a floral bouquet from your local florist and put them in these lovely silo crocks from Farmhouse Pottery.

7. Farmhouse Pottery Glazed Donut Match Striker

For all of your candle lighting needs!

9. WoodWick Crackling Candle - Cinnamon Chai

I love these candles from WoodWick because they crackle like a fireplace as they burn and they smell good. I use candles in moderation because they aren’t good for your health but sometimes I’ll give in.

10. Lighted Fall Leaves Garland

This would look very festive over a fireplace if you have one, but you could also drape it over the handrail of a staircase.

11. Decorative Pumpkin

This is my favorite decor piece on the list!

12. Acacia Serving Plater 12-15” Brown-Threshold

You could put the WoodWick candle and match holder on top of this plater on a coffee table.

14. Pinecone Candle DIY

You will need a large wooden bowl, pinecones, a candle of choice, and a glass candle chimney for this DIY centerpiece!

These are all really adorable pieces to add into your living space for the fall! Don’t forget all of the mini orange and white pumpkins from the grocery store that you can get your hands on! 🎃

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