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How To Decorate Your Living Room for Halloween

How To Decorate Your Living Room for Halloween

I’ve never been a fan of gory or creepy Halloween decor in or outside of the home. I’ve always found it to be tacky and disturbing even as a kid. I love the idea of decorating for the holiday but don’t want the party city options…i.e. bowls of eyeballs, chopped off fingers, etc…so I started to think. Where can I find Halloween decor that is stylish, festive, and fun? You can check out my favorite finds from the search below! 👇

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3. Wicked Burlap Accent Pillow

My idea is that this accent pillow would go in front of either of the two following throw pillow options.

4. Wayfair Basics Throw Pillow in Orange

These throw pillows embody a clean and sophisticated look.

5. Quatrefoil Throw Pillow in Orange

This stylish quatrefoil throw pillow is a bolder and more vibrant option.

6. Pottery Barn Classic Black Throw Pillow

I recommend getting 2 black throw pillows and 2 of either orange throw pillows just not both. I prefer symmetry when it comes to interior design. The idea is to place the black ones on the end and the orange ones in the middle of your couch or vise versa. You can then add the wicked pillow in front of them!

7. Treely 100% Cotton Cable Knit Throw Blanket

You can fold this blanket and put it on the top of the couch.

9. Tealight Candles (Unscented)

Tea light candle holders are available on Amazon for a reasonable price.

10. Happiness Can Be Found Dumbledore Quote Sign

Witches, wizards, and sorcery? The magic of Harry Potter will bring light and love to an otherwise dark and scary holiday.

12. Slate Coasters

These neutral toned coasters will provide contrast to the color of the tray.

13. Old Dutch International Hammered Champagne Water Pitcher

This pitcher has an ice guard too as an added bonus!

15. Vintage Brass Apple

You could add this piece to the tray too. I think that it would make a cute bookshelf accent! 🍎

17. Live Succulent Pumpkin Arrangement

I love adding live plants to any space to bring a natural element! Not feeling the succulent? Pick up orange roses with baby’s breath from your local florist or farmer as a festive but more sophisticated alternative.

You can add soft white Christmas lights throughout the house to create more warmth and ambiance. Grab more fall decor inspiration from last year’s blog post: 15 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Living Room for Fall. 🍁

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